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In 2007, LadySonya, a Georgia Peach native, Georgia State University student, began her life shift of miserably working 2-3 part-time jobs to prosper through college. In less than one year of living in Atlanta, having gone through 7 part-time jobs in one-year span, LadySonya quit her part-time job as stock for Ross Department Store and decided to follow her dreams of being in the music industry. With no money saved, nothing but a Radio-Shack 76-key keyboard, and one year of college experience, she decided to start her own business of teaching piano lessons. LadySonya Music Studio has consulted with over hundreds of students to include numerous celebrity producers/artist and Grammy Award Winning Producer, Justice League. 

Music Entrepreneur

Meets Keynote

LadySonya takes pride in sharing her story of  using her passion to connect to her purpose. In an intimate story, LadySonya shares how she started from the very bottom and created an empire all from her a vision of sharing her gift with others. LadySonya gives key points on making your passion your purpose. 

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