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Scheduling, Payments and Cancellation Policy

We're an exciting and fun music studio but we do have a couple policies and procedures to keep things together. Hey, it’s the nature of the business. If you have questions or concerns we'd be more than happy to answer them, just call or email us!


EXPECTATIONS Students are expected to commit to at least one lesson per week and/or 4 sessions a month. The minimum would be 2 sessions for intermediate/advance or 4-8 sessions for beginner students. Music is fun, why wouldn't you want to take lessons weekly?! Of course, you should practice on a weekly basis.


ARRIVE ON TIME Things happen, we know. Car trouble, traffic on the road and a number of other things can happen as well. We work to give you 5 minutes of wiggle room for that but after 5 minutes, If you arrive late to your lesson we will use the remainder of your time for lessons and any extra time the instructor has until the next appointment. When the next appointment arrives you will be forfeited the remaining time for lessons. Just try to arrive 5 minutes early to save being late.


NO CALL/NO SHOW Now, this is a no brainer. You are considered a no call/no show if you fail to notify the instructor that you're canceling the lesson within 24-hours. No call/no show lessons are forfeited, without refund or make up sessions. Hey, it's the rules and it’s a little impolite not to let the instructor know you aren’t coming. Be nice! ;)


24-48 HOUR CANCELLATION NOTICE We require a 24-hour advance cancellation notice for music lessons, with the exception of last minute emergencies.


LAST MINUTE EMERGENCIES We understand things happen. You will happily receive a (1) one-time only courtesy to cancel within less than 24-hour notice. The instructor will send an email of your cancellation indicating that there will be no charge. This is given once every 3-months and will not be accumulated over time.


RESCHEDULING If the student provides a 24-hour notice, lesson will be rescheduled only during the indicated make-up day(s). The instructor will suggest the day of the week lessons can be rescheduled on. The student will have 60 days to make up a lesson or the less will be forfeited. If the instructor needs to reschedule, the lesson will be rescheduled at the student's convenience or credited to the next month.

NO EXCESSIVE MAKE UPS/RESCHEDULES The student can only reschedule (1) one lesson out of four lessons. All others are automatically forfeited. If this is an issue for you, it may be better to schedule flex lessons with no reserved slots. Ask for details. $25.00



CANCELLATION FEE If you are considered a no call/no show for your scheduled lesson, you will be required to pay a $25.00 cancellation fee which is due on or before your next lesson. This policy is strictly enforced.

REFUNDS There are absolutely no cash/credit refunds. 





Payments are automatically deducted monthly on the 1st of every month.


Terms and Conditions of Auto Payment Agreement


➢ I authorize a monthly automatic debit on the account specified for the amount above.


➢ I understand this is a 3-month enrollment contract and breaking the contract by not paying the date agreed or ending before the 3- month period will be a fee of $35.


➢ I authorize a $35 payment for all dishonored checks or credit card charge backs.


➢ I understand if I cancel due to (illness, injury, family emergency) my enrollment before the end of the 3 month period I signed up for, I will be charged a $35 cancellation fee. There are absolutely no refunds. 

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